Blue Door Vaping carries products for the beginning electronic cigarette user as well as the experienced vaper. Stop in and see us and check out what we have!

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what is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes are a rapidly growing industry that can often be confusing and overwhelming.  When you come visit us, we will take the time to explain the multitude of options available and tailor a solution to your specific needs.

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Blue Door Vaping currently has over 30 E-liquids in stock in various nicotine strengths.

We also have over 50 more available for special order.


We believe that face-to-face, one-on-one interaction is vital in learning to use an electronic cigarette.  Our staff contains experienced e-cig users that are ready to lend their knowledge and expertise to help you figure it all out..

Taking the mystery out of Electronic Cigarettes through information and education

An electronic cigarette delivers nicotine to the user to satisfy their craving, but does so through an inhaled vapor rather than burning plant material (tobacco).

An Electronic Cigarette consists of THREE MAIN COMPONENTS:

  • Rechargeable Battery - Batteries come in many shapes and sizes. We stock a few different ones so you have choices
  • Heating element to vaporize the liquid - Atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks - all of these are different heating elements and we can explain them all to you.
  • E-liquid – The solution that is heated to produce the vapor. This also delivers nicotine and comes in many strengths and flavors.

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A new and ever changing selection of Mechanical Mods and RBAs/RDAs is now available.  

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